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Home ​Watch, Bonita Springs

Sentry Home Watch in Bonita Springs, FL, provides a variety of services to ensure your home and property is safe and secure while you are away.

Departure & Return Services

On request, we will ready or close your residence, for the same fee as your weekly visit. We will: 

  • Adjust A/C
  • Check refrigerator/ freezer temp
  • Turn hot water heater breaker on/off
  • Turn ice maker on/off
  • Turn main water valve on/off
  • Turn Hot water tank water line on /off 

  • Turn room fans on/off

  • Secure windows/doors/blinds open/closed
  • Open/close window treatments
  • Hook up or unhook trickle charger
  • Place trash/garbage/recycle for pickup in/out
  • Run water for 10-15 minutes to rid suffer smell

Our Weekly & Bi-Weekly Services:

We will check, turn off/on, open and close the following:

  • Flush toilets/add bleach
  • Run Garbage Disposal
  • View floors for bugs, rodent droppings
  • Inspect Hot Water Heater
  • Inspect windows and doors
  • Check temp of fridge and freezer 

  • Inspect A/C handler

  • Inspect Lanai /pool area/pool level
  • Check landscaping for dead trees/bushes
  • Run Water to check for leaks
  • Check Garage/Vehicles

In addition, we will check the overall condition of your home, paying particular attention to the presence of odors, mildew, mold, water leaks, insects, vandalism and storm damage. Should any problems be detected, you will be advised and corrective action will be taken at your direction. We will lock and unlock doors for all the vendors to access your residence.

For vehicles left for an extended period we recommend the use of a trickle charger, gas tank no more than ¾ full, windows cracked and vehicle locked. Please remember to leave set of car keys in your residence. We will run the vehicle for a limited time upon request, if it is not garaged. 

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